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Principal's Message

Giving thanks! C.S. 211 is working hard to remind students to give thanks, this month. It is important to our staff to model for our students the value of giving thanks, even during the trying times in our lives. We want to thank all parents, students, and community members for their unmatched support for all the endeavors, learning, trials, and successes our building endures. We are a blessed group of educators who get the privilege to serve your children and our community. I hope all of you enjoyed this Thanksgiving break. With my fourth year here at C.S. 211I am fully immersed in my role as Principal and I am truly enjoying this phase of the process. Getting to know our students and parents and faculty has allowed new connections to grow and I look forward to strengthening them.

 APPT, which is the new parent-teacher conference which was scheduled for November 30th and Parents were expected to attend at least one session- the first session ran from 12-3pm and the second session from 4:30 6:30, If you did not sign up with your child’s teacher please contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting with all of the parents to discuss your student’s success in school to this point. It all comes down to positive relationships with teachers, parents, and ultimately students that will enhance success during conferences and throughout the year.  Enjoy conferences, making it a great experience for everyone!

There is no way around it being in school is important to your child’s academic and emotional growth. Chronic absenteeism (missing more than 10% of the school year) is an indicator of poor academic success in future years and when severe (more than 20%) can begin to predict the rates at which students drop out of high school. If you are thinking of traveling this holiday season please make sure your child does not miss school because of traveling time. We support the “Be Here Every Day” motto from our CAS partners, and perfect attendance is rewarded at assemblies where the students win prices and are given certificates.

Lastly, I am excited to tell you that our school is getting ready introduce a new program, which we believe will have a profound effect on the staff, students, and community of our school. C.S. 211 is in the initial stages of becoming a “Leader in Me” school where students learn and practice the “Seven 

Habits of Highly Effective People”. You will continue to hear more about this great program from your children as they bring thAe seven habits home.


Respectfully yours with sincere gratitude,


Tanya Drummond


“Teaching the Leaders of

Tomorrow, Today.”